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Imagine an unequalled team-building experience set against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes in the heart of the Austrian Alps. This is no ordinary retreat, but a transformative winter survival adventure aimed at strengthening cohesion, fostering leadership skills and unleashing your team's full potential. 

Start your adventure with a snowshoe hike through the unspoilt winter landscape. There is a unique feature: all the necessary equipment must fit into the participants' rucksacks. The added challenge of travelling light encourages participants to prioritise and communicate effectively. This challenge makes the experience even more exciting and emphasises the importance of preparation, efficiency and teamwork.

Drill your way into the icy heart of a frozen lake. Our experienced guides will teach your team the art of ice fishing, where patience and precision are the keys to success. This hands-on experience promotes problem solving and teamwork and sets the stage for the challenges ahead.

Discover the ancient art of trapping, where stealth and cunning are paramount. This hands-on experience teaches problem solving, strategy and the importance of understanding your surroundings.

Perfect your concentration, precision and self-control with archery and axe throwing. These activities provide valuable insights into goal setting and personal development while fostering camaraderie among team members. 

At nightfall, you can improve your team's navigation skills by using only the stars and the moon to guide you. This experience emphasises the importance of clear orientation and trust within your group.

You spend the night in a remote mountain hut in one of Austria's most breathtaking regions. This is a testament to your team's resilience and newfound skills.

The frozen mountain lake offers the opportunity to experience the revitalising effect of ice bathing. Immersion in ice-cold water not only revitalises the body, but also sharpens the mind. It is known to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and increase mental resilience. Ice bathing is a powerful metaphor for stepping out of your comfort zone, accepting discomfort and emerging stronger. It's up to you to decide whether you want to take on this challenge.

Gather round a crackling fire to tell stories, laugh and warm yourselves. The fire not only provides physical comfort, but also symbolises the unity that can be achieved through effective communication and trust.

As the crowning glory of this unforgettable adventure, you will take your survival skills to the next level. Your team will learn to build snow bivouacs from scratch, a true test of teamwork and ingenuity in difficult conditions.


Key topics


Without leadership, a team can't function. For us, leadership means taking responsibility and caring for those who are in our responsibility. During our trainings, participants can experience what it is like to lead and let themselves be led. Both are necessary and important in teams. This allows everyone to discover how he/she wants to lead and what the personal leadership style is or could be. Participants can deepen existing skills and discover new ones.


"You can't not communicate. " Paul Watzlawik once said. That's why one of our pillars is to improve the team's communication. We promote mutual respect and appreciation in our trainings, as this is the basic prerequisite for clear and successful communication. We use proven techniques and also work with completely new approaches.


The perception of the world is 100% subjective. With a positive mindset, any individual can succeed in learning from negative situations and growing through them. Survival is the ultimate training for this purpose. Unusual, unfamiliar and unexpected situations require the will not to give up, to improvise and to adapt flexibly and creatively to the situation. By using their own skills, team members learn to grow beyond themselves, to work together and to break new ground.


Teams in FLOW move collectively towards a goal, experiencing successes along the way. Even if they occasionally deviate from the path, a strong shared objective acts like a compass, consistently pointing them in the right direction. The values of the individual team members are important resources for the company. Successful co-operation is only possible if the values that are relevant to the common goal are common to all.


Customised training design to meet the challenges of your team

Clearly defined objektives based on a preliminary discussion

Primal Leadership Approach -Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Professional support by the EchoTangoZulu team of experts

Material & equipment included

Top catering and survival cooking

Development support following the experience

Individual concept

As part of the preparation, we set clear and measurable goals for the Hellsklamm Team Coaching Experience From this, an individual concept is developed for your team. Your Hellsklamm Leadership Adventure is therefore absolutely unique. During the training we find time for reflection and feedback. The training is followed by a detailed feedback session. 




Are you ready to start your adventure? Do you have any questions for us? Or would you like to talk to us about your individual Experience We look forward to hearing from you!


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