Offroad teambuilding experience

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The Offroad Team Building Experience in the Hellsklamm is unique: In the wild nature of probably the best offroad park in Austria, the participants feel the common adventure and experience the special challenges of the wilderness. At the campfire in the forest, group dynamics are reflected and the team is led to a new sense of belonging within the team.

Build your high performance team

Our systemic Primal Leadership approach is based on personal transformation and potential development. The programmes and trainings focus on the sustainable development of teams and the personal development of leaders. Integrating this content increases the performance and well-being of the individual, improves the performance of the teams and increases the efficiency of the company.

Nature's challenges will take you to the limit or beyond. We guarantee that these adversities will make your team grow together and create unforgettable moments and memories together. 


Offroad 1x1

Offroad Survival Hacks

Trusted Offroad

Offroad PRO Driver


Offroad Recovery

Survival Cooking

Campfire Conversation


Customised training design to meet the challenges of your team

Clearly defined objektives based on a preliminary discussion

Primal Leadership Approach - Leadership with emotional Intelligence

Professional support by the EchoTangoZulu team of experts

Experience 270 hectares of unspoilt nature

Vehicles, material & equipment included

Top catering and rustic survival cooking in the forest

Development support following the event

Straight roads don't make skilled drivers

primal leadership approach


Emotions and intuition | Self-assessment | Self-confidence

Social awareness

Empathy | Organisational awareness | Service


Emotional self-control | Transparency | Adaptability | Performance | Initiative | Optimism

Relationship management

Inspiring Leadership | Persuasion | Conflict Management | Network | Teamwork and Cooperation

Individual concept

As part of the preparation, we set clear and measurable goals for the Experience From this, an individual concept is developed for your team. Your Experience is therefore absolutely unique. 




Are you ready to start your adventure? Do you have any questions for us? Or would you like to talk to us about your individual Offroad Teambuilding Experience We look forward to hearing from you!

Environmental protection

Since income has been generated from off-road driving and events, the forestry company has fallen around 1,000 fixed metres fewer trees per year. One cubic metre of wood binds around 900 kg of CO2. That's 900,000 kg of sequestered CO2. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a top-of-the-range car driven almost 3 million kilometres. This corresponds to about 39 times the circumference of the Earth.


All our event participants drive in total only approx. 100,000 km per year- 3 million km divided by 100,000 km makes 30. Therefore our off-road events are 30 times less CO2 intensive than conventional forestry.


In addition, the Hellsklamm supports the international tree planting program “Eden Reforestation” and carries out tree planting programs itself.

Location & Directions

The Hellsklamm is a unique area located approximately 30 minutes west of Vienna. Spanning over 270 hectares of rugged forest, it provides ample space to experience the adventure of the woods up close.

Travelling from the west:

Westautobahn (West motorway) to Altlengbach, then left (south).
Via Innermanzing, Laaben, Wöllersdorf to Klamm (about 10-15 Minutes from the A1) and straight on to the Klammhöhe!

Right there you will find a yellow tavern on the right but turn left there to follow the small road to the Hellsklamm / parking sign on the left, from there about 1km gravel road and there you are!


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