Communication in Resonance

Communication meets resonance Leaders who are in resonance with themselves and their environment recognise the influence of effective communication and a positive culture of conflict and use it consciously. Primal Leadership Communication stands for collaboration at eye level, with respect and appreciation. Ideas and points of view are presented clearly and transparently.

Active, positive and concious conversation management helps to improve the company's performance, increase employee satisfaction and ensure long-term company success.

You too can communicate authentically and successfully. With the tools and techniques of Primal Leadership Communication, you will learn to articulate ideas clearly and effectively pitch them. You will optimize your handling of conflict situations and your personal approach to various conversation partners.


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The commitment of the participants is essential for the success of the Primal Leadership Communication training. In the first module, participants familiarize themselves with the environment, trainers and tools, so that everyone can start the training motivated and with the necessary personal responsibility.

Internal state

Ego-driven communication inevitably leads to misunderstandings and conflicts. Dealing with one's own emotions is therefore an essential element of Primal Leadership Communication. A resonant inner posture makes it possible to communicate like a PRIMAL LEADER.


Willingness for self-reflection is a crucial step toward improving communication. Perceiving and reflecting on personal traits and abilities, as well as patterns, strengths, and weaknesses, leads to a significant improvement in communication with others.


Effective communication requires engaging with the interlocutors. Empathy, but also the knowledge about the different communication channels, personal filters and the importance of a positive conflict culture enable communication in resonance like a PRIMAL LEADER.


Understanding the fundamentals of interpersonal communication aids in communicating more successfully. A look at the theoretical principles and potential challenges, as well as a conscious shift of perspectiveenable active, positive and conscious conversation management.

Elevator Pitch & Feedback

An elevator pitch offers the opportunity to convince your interlocutor of your idea in the shortest possible time. Pitch Perfect - a certified framework - combined with constructive peer feedback, helps to make the personal elevator pitch exciting and structured.


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